Batting and Pricing

You can supply your own batting or I have it available for you to purchase. As a reminder it also needs to be 6” larger on the length and width, same as for your backing. When choosing your batting, think about how the quilt is going to be used. Cotton/polyester blends and polyester wash well.  Cotton blends will have some shrink which will give the quilt its character. Polyester will not shrink and wrinkles less.

Also, choosing the quality of batting is important. Much like a box spring supports a mattress, the batting supports the body of the quilt. A good dense batting supports the thread stitches and gives definition to the quilting design that you choose.   

80/20 Cotton/Polyester with Scrim binder:  
This is a soft, durable and substantial batting created for quilters who want cotton in their projects but also want wash-ability as well as good definition in the quilting stitches. This batting has a soft loft and is a favorite among quilters.

45” x 60” Crib            $5.50
72” x 90” Twin           $12.00
90” x 108”  Queen     $14.00
120” x 120” King       $20.00

80/20 Cotton/Polyester Bleached blend with Scrim binder:

90” x 108” Queen      $17.00
120” x 120” King       $25.00
This is Hobbs’ softest Polyester Batting. Polyester batting provides warmth and takes a lot of washing. It drapes well and has a generous loft.  

45” x 60” Crib           $5.00
81” x 96” Full            $8.00
90” x 108” Queen     $10.00
120” x 120 King        $15.00