Quilting Prices

All measurements are taken prior to quilting (square inch = length x width)

For example:
A quilt measuring 80” x  60” = 4800 square inches @ 1 cent per square inch the price would be  $48.00.  At 1.5 cents per square inch for semi custom, the price would be $72.00.

My turnaround time is 2 to 3 weeks for edge to edge and semi custom.

1 cent/sq. inch

This type of quilting covers the entire quilt,  it is most used for quilts with busy top designs where the quilting stitches will not show or add a visible pattern.  It is used the most for quilts that are loved, and washed frequently.  There are many beautiful overall designs to use on your quilt.  I look for “hints” from designs in the fabric or a design that you may prefer for the person you are giving the quilt to.

1.5 cents/sq. inch

Semi Custom is my favorite since it adds another level of design to your quilt. Blocks, sashings, borders and the body of the quilt are given a blend of top stitching that pulls the theme of your quilt together.  I take time to evaluate all the options available to give your quilt the finishing touch that allows your creativity to shine.

Backing:  If you have let time slip and have not measured and cut your backing, I will have to charge $15.00 to do it for you.  Put that money into your trip to buy fabric and bring your backing all trimmed and measured.